Wing and a Prayer


Genre: Drama/ Adventure


Writer: Tyrone Bacchus


The True Story of Aviatrix Amy Johnson. Her incredible Adventure as the first Female Solo flier to fly a single seater Gipsy Moth aircraft 11000 Miles from Croydon to Australia where she crash landed in Darwin emerging unhurt.




Fashion Jungle


Genre: Drama /Thriller


Writer/Director: Tyrone Bacchus


A Group of aspiring Fashion Models are stranded in an unexplored jungle region of New Guinea where they struggle to survive while being relentlessly hunted by a tribe of Superstitious Bloodthirsty Head hunters.




Bones to Baghdad


Genre: Action/ Adventure


Writer/ Director: Tyrone Bacchus.


Two West Indian friends who are the UK Domino Champions are challenged by "The Legendary Domino Masters" to travel to the most dangerous city in the world Baghdad to compete for 10 Million Dollars.





Almost Dawn Almost


Genre: Horror/Thriller


Writer/ Director: Tyrone Bacchus.


A Daredevil Motorcycle Stunt Team becomes embroiled in a plan by an Ancient Vampire Lord to take over the World.





Harry H Singh


Genre: Comedy/ Drama


Writer/Director: Tyrone Bacchus


Harry H Singh is a middle aged Sikh who having lost his job as a London Bus driver decides without telling his family to become a Private detective.



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